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355. Julian goes to Athens (latter part of year).

356. Basil returns to Caesarea.

357. The 2d Creed of Sirmium, or Blasphemy, subscribed by Hosius and Liberius.

Basil baptized, and shortly afterwards ordained reader.

358. Basil visits monastic establishments in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Mesopotamia, and retires to the monastery on the Iris.

359. The 3d Creed of Sirmium. Dated May 22. Councils of Seleucia and Ariminum.

360. Acacian synod of Constantinople.

Basil, now ordained Deacon, disputes with Aetius.

Dianius subscribes the Creed of Ariminum, and

Basil in consequence leaves Caesarea.

He visits Gregory at Nazianzus.

361. Death of Constantius and accession of Julian.

Basil writes the "Moralia."

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