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II. Works.

The extant works of St. Basil may be conveniently classified as follows:

I. Dogmatic.

(i) Adversus Eunomium. Pros Eunomion.

(ii) De Spiritu Sancto. Peri tou Pneumatos.

II. Exegetic. [302]

(i) In Hexaemeron. Eis ten ;;Exaemeron.

(ii) Homiliae on Pss. i., vii., xiv., xxviii., xxix., xxxii., xxxiii., xliv., xlv., xlviii., lix., lxi., cxiv.

(iii) Commentary on Isaiah i.-xvi.

III. Ascetic.

(i) Tractatus praevii.

(ii.) Prooemium de Judicio Dei and De Fide.

(iii) Moralia. Ta 'Ethika.

(iv) Regulae fusius tractatae. ;'Oroi kata platos.

(v) Regulae brevius tractatae. ;'Oroi kat' epitomen.

[302] According to Cassiodorus (Instit. Divin. Litt. Praefat.) St. Basil wrote in interpretation of the whole of Scripture, but this statement lacks confirmation. cf. Maran, Vit. Bas. xli.

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