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Canons of Carthage - A.D. 419

Edited from a variety of translations (mentioned in the preface) by H. R. Percival

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The Canons of the CCXVII Blessed Fathers who assembled at Carthage - A.D. 419

Commonly Called

The Code of Canons of the African Church.


Introductory Note.

The Canons with the Ancient Epitome and Notes.

Introductory Note.

An attempt to write a commentary upon all the canons of the African Code, would have meant nothing less than the preparation of one volume or more on the canon law of the West. This is impossible and therefore, interesting as the field would be, I have been compelled to restrain my pen, and rather than give a scant and insufficient annotation, I have contented myself with providing the reader with as good a translation as I have been able to make of the very corrupt Latin (correcting it at times by the Greek), and have added the Ancient Epitome and the quaint notes in full of John Johnson from the Second Edition, of 1714, of his "Clergyman's Vade-mecum," Pt. II., which occupy little space, but may not be easily reached by the ordinary reader. The student will find full scholia on these Canons in Van Espen in the Latin, and in Zonaras and Balsamon in the Greek. These latter are in Beveridge's Synodicon.

Johnson writes an excellent Introduction to his Epitome of these Canons, as follows:

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