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Gregory Nazianzen the Theologian On the Holy Lights (Oration XXXIX), Complete

Translated by Ch. Browne and J. Swallow.

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I. Again My Jesus, and again a mystery; not deceitful nor disorderly, nor belonging to Greek error or drunkenness (for so I call their solemnities, and so I think will every man of sound sense); but a mystery lofty and divine, and allied to the Glory above. For the Holy Day of the Lights, to which we have come, and which we are celebrating to-day, has for its origin the Baptism of my Christ, the True Light That lighteneth every man that cometh into the world, [3909] and effecteth my purification, and assists that light which we received from the beginning from Him from above, but which we darkened and confused by sin.

II. Therefore listen to the Voice of God, which sounds so exceeding clearly to me, who am both disciple and master of these mysteries, as would to God it may sound to you; I Am The Light Of The World. [3910] Therefore approach ye to Him and be enlightened, and let not your faces be ashamed, [3911] being signed with the true Light. It is a season of new birth, [3912] let us be born again. It is a time of reformation, let us receive again the first Adam. [3913] Let us not remain what we are, but let us become what we once were. The Light Shineth In Darkness, [3914] in this life and in the flesh, and is chased by the darkness, but is not overtaken by it:—I mean the adverse power leaping up in its shamelessness against the visible Adam, but encountering God and being defeated;—in order that we, putting away the darkness, may draw near to the Light, and may then become perfect Light, the children of perfect Light. See the grace of this Day; see the power of this mystery. Are you not lifted up from the earth? Are you not clearly placed on high, being exalted by our voice and meditation? and you will be placed much higher when the Word shall have prospered the course of my words.

[3909] John i. 9.

[3910] John viii. 12.

[3911] Ps. xxxiv. 5.

[3912] John iii. 3.

[3913] I.e., the condition of man before the fall.

[3914] Ib. i. 5.

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