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Athos Holy Mount

Illuminated Manuscripts
5.18 Four Gospels
13th c.
Iviron Cod. 55
Parchment, 20 x 14.5 cm, ff. 227


The Original New Testament

This codex is adorned with full-page miniatures of the four Evangelists: Matthew (fol. 5v), Mark (fol. 69v), Luke (fol. 111v) and John (fol. 177v), parts of which are now badly effaced, particularly the buildings depicted on the left in the background of the scenes.

The superb rendering of the figures indicates a workshop of high standard. The remaining decoration of the manuscript includes full-page arched-ornaments framing the canon tables of the Gospels, as well as elaborate, richly decorated rectangular headpieces and initials with fauna and flora motifs before each Gospel. The codex contains the Four Gospels together with the letter and canon tables of Eusebios at the beginning. The script is black, with red-gold letters on the first page of each Gospel. The binding, which is of later date, consists of cardboard and brown leather on the spine. The codex is in very good condition.

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13th century

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