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Athos Holy Mount

Illuminated Manuscripts
5.20 Ptolemy's Geography
13th-14th c.
Vatopedi Cod. 655
Parchment, 33.3/36 x 25/26.7 cm, ff. 296


The Original New Testament

This is one of the most interesting non-religious codices on Mount Athos. It contains the Geography of Claudius Ptolemaeus and the Geography of Strabo.

There are forty-two maps of the three continents, Europe, North Africa and Asia. The mountains, plains, rivers and seas are coloured and rendered in detail, and a wealth of place names is given.

Bibliography: Eustratiadis - Arkadios 1924, p. 131. Richard 1952, p. 34. Kadas 1996 (1), p. 554.

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13th century

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