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Athos Holy Mount

Illuminated Manuscripts
5.21 Lectionary
Late 13th - early 14th c.
Chelandari Cod. 105
Parchment, 34 x 26 cm, ff. 188


The Original New Testament

This codex, although it does not possess any miniatures, is considered to be quite important, since it is written in a very carefully executed gold script. It is also decorated, containing two rectangular headpieces and embellished initials, amongst which predominate T (Tώ καιρώ εκείνω = At that time...) and E (Eίπεν ο Kύριος = The Lord said...). The decoration of the headpieces consists mainly of rich flora ornaments and rare representations of animals or birds. The gold-inscribed text is laid out in two columns of eleven lines each, while the binding consists of two wooden boards with leather covers, which are decorated with gilt representations of the Crucifixion (front) and the Virgin with Child (back); both are accompanied by the four Evangelists in the corners. This lectionary, which is now preserved in good condition in the monastery library, was formerly kept in the sacristy in the katholikon and was believed by some to be an autograph work of John Chrysostom.

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13th century

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