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Greek Manuscripts
18.11 Selections from Herodotus, Plutarch and Diogenes Laertius
13th c.
Dionysiou Monastery, Cod. 90
Parchment, 16 x 12 cm, ff. 251


The Original New Testament

1. (fol. 1r) 'Selection from the Muses of Herodotus (1-69).'

2. (fol. 35r) 'Selection from the Lives of Plutarch.'

3. (fol. 164v) 'Assorted passages from Plutarch.'

4. (fol. 166r) 'Selection from the Precepts of Statecraft.'

5. (fol. 167r) 'Selection from Plutarch's Sayings of Kings and Commanders.'

6. (fol. 186v) 'Selection from Plutarch's Sayings of Romans.'

7. (fol. 194v) 'Selection from Plutarch's On the Fortune or the Virtue of Alexander. Homily II.'

8. (fol. 194v) 'From the Lives of the Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius.'

This is one of the most notable manuscripts of texts by Classical authors preserved on Mount Athos; it is the most important of the 4 Athonite manuscripts of Herodotus, the oldest of the 47 of Plutarch, and the only interesting one of the 11 of Diogenes Laertius.

Collations of the selections from these three authors have been published by Lambros (see bibliography).

In the case of the selection from Herodotus, Lambros, after collating the text in the Athonite manuscript with the other manuscripts of the author's work, claimed that the writer of this manuscript drew from a tenth-century one, a view accepted by the publishers of Herodotus, Hude, Legrand et al. Lambros's view is supported by a comparison of the selection in the Athonite codex with the text in a similar codex in Paris (Suppl. grec. 134), which dates from the same period and contains the same material. Researchers agree that the two codices have the same source and, what is more, that in the excerpts from the first few books they reproduce the source text quite faithfully, while in the excerpts from the remaining books the text is reproduced less accurately.

Bibliography: Lambros 1888, pp. 315ff. Lambros 1895, pp. 328-32. Lambros 1905, pp. 3-28. Lambros 1906, pp. 257-376. Hude 1927, pp. VI-VII. Rudberg, 1956, p. 178 and n. 1, 179, 180, 182. Legrand 1966, p. 183.

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13th century

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