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Slavonic Manuscripts
19.2 Menaion
13th c.
Zographou Monastery, Library, Cod. I. e. 9
Parchment, 19.5 x 13 cm, ff. 219


The Original New Testament

Cyrillic majuscules. Bulgarian redaction. The binding is of more recent date. The manuscript is in very poor condition, with many blank, damaged, and illegible folios. In accordance with the tradition of the time, the illumination includes teratomorphic headpieces and initial letters.

The contents are particularly interesting, since they include older forms of services of St John of Rila, St Paraskevi of Trnovo, Tsar Peter, Cyril and Methodios, and Michael Voyn. The manuscript also preserves accentuated texts, and a note expressing the repentance of one Dragan (fol. 218v).

Bibliography: Iljinskij 1908 (1), no. 85. Rajkov et al. 1994, no. 54, p. 52.

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13th century

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