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HOMILY 21: An allegorical explanation of things done under the lain.

1. THE glory of Moses, which he had upon his face, was a type of the true glory. For whereas the Jews were not able to fix their eyes upon the face of Moses; so do Christians receive that glory of light within their souls; and the darkness bcares not the splendor of it.

2. They were manifested by circumcision, that they were the people of GOD: but here the peculiar people of GOD receive the sign of circumcision within, in their heart. For the heavenly sword cutteth off the unclean foreskin of sin.

3. Among them baptism sanctified the flesh; but with us is the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and of fire.

4. There was an outward tabernacle and an inward; and into the first the priests went at all times, accomplishing the service of God. Into the second, once a year, " went the high-priest only, with blood; the Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest." But we all enter into the " tabernacle not made with hands, whither the Forerunner is entered for us, CHRIST." 5. It is written in the law, that " the priest shall take two pigeons, and kill the one," but sprinkle the living one with her blood, and let it go, that it mayfly away free. This was a type and shadow of the truth. For CHRIST was slain, and his blood having sprinkled its, has made us to bear wings. He has " given us of his Holy Spirit," that we might fly without impediment into the Godhead.

6. To them was given the law written upon " tables of stone;" but to us, that "written upon the tables of the heart." For, says he, " I will put my laws into their heart, and in their mind will I write them." And in deed all those things were abolishable and temporary. But they are now accomplished in the inward man.

7. The Lord spoke to Moses, a to take a lamb without spot, and kill it, and with the blood of it to anoint the thresholds and the doors, that he that destroyed the firstborn of the Egyptians, should not touch them." For the angel that was sent, beheld the sign of the blood from afar, and withdrew. But he went into the houses which had not the sign, and " slew every first-born. He also commanded that leaven should be put away out of every house." Moreover, he commanded them to eat it a with their loins girt, and with their feet shod with sandals, and having staves in their hands." Thus does he command them with all haste to eat the passover of the Lordd at even, and not to break a bone of it before the Lord.

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