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1O. The cherubim then are driven not whither they are inclined of themselves to go, but the way which he that holds the reins directs. Which way soever he is willing, there it is they go, and he carries them. " For there was (says the text) under them, the hand of a man." The holy souls are led and directed in their way, by the Spirit of CHRIST, guiding them where he -pleases; sometimes into heavenly contemplation, sometimes into temporal things; where his pleasure is, there do they wait upon him.

11. Do You, therefore, who hearest these things, look well to thyself, whether you art possessed of them in thy own soul. And if you art not, you oughtest to have continual grief and sorrow of heart, and anxiety, as one separated hitherto by death, from the kingdom. And as one that is wounded, cry to the Lord without intermission, and ask in faith, that he would make thee also. worthy of this true life.

12. For as the body is not supplied from its own nature with meat, drink, and cloathing, but has the universal supply of life from without, being quite naked of itself; so the soul cannot attain to everlasting life,. from its own nature, but from the Divine nature; from his Spirit, from his light it is maintained in spiritual meat and drink, and the heavenly clothing, which are the life of the soul. For the Divine nature contains in it. the very bread of life, and the living water, and the wine which cheereth the heart of man, and the oil of gladness, and the whole variety of the food of the heavenly Spirit, and the, heavenly robes of light, which are of God. In these does the eternal life of the soul consist.

Wo to the body, when it shall stand upon the bottom of its own nature, because it corrupts and dies! And wo to the soul, if it shall presume upon the strength of its nature, and trust to nothing, but its own works, not having the fellowship of the Divine Spirit, because it dies of course, not being thought worthy of the eternal life of the Godhead.

13. If therefore you art become the throne of GOD, and the heavenly Charioteer has seated himself upon thee, and thy soul is become all over a spiritual eye; and you art nourished with that food of the Spirit, and have been made to drink of the living water, and art clothed with the garments of light; lo, then you livest indeed, even the life which is truly eternal; thy soul being at rest with the Lord; lo you art in actual possession, and have received these things from the Lord in truth, that you might live the true life. But if you art conscious to thyself of nothing of all this, lament and grieve, and mourn, because as yet you have not any share of the spiritual and eternal riches, neither have received the true life.

14. Be in pain, therefore, and entreat the Lord night and day, because you art sunk into the calamitous poverty of sin. But would to GOD that any had a quick sense of this pain, by reason of this their want! And that we- might not live on in security, as if we were full Because he that is troubled in good earnest, and seeks and prays to the Lord without ceasing, shall soon obtain redemption and the heavenly riches, as the Lord has said in the parable with relation to the unjust judge and the widow, " How much more shall GOD avenge them that cry to him night and day? I tell you of a truth, that he will avenge them speedily." To whom he glory and power, for ages. Amen.

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