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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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Η ίδια σελίδα στα Ελληνικά

The Greek Old Testament

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings I - IV

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm.), 314 pages
ISBN: 9780464501534
Language: Greek

The Old Testament books of this volume narrate events regarding the life of the nation in the Promised Land. After Israel strengthened its faith in God during the desert years, was guided by Joshua to the Promised Land, i.e. Canaan, with the miraculous help of God, the stopping of the waters of Jordan, the collapse of Jericho walls, the stopping of the sun at Gibeon, etc. The Promised Land was divided among the various tribes and Levites assumed priestly duties.

Judges temporarily protected Israel against its enemies in a period of four hundred years when Israel lacked permanent leaders. The Promised Land proved also a land of temptation since Israel was influenced by pagan customs. Their enemies became an educating punishment oppressing Israel and exhausting it, this way strengthening Israel's hope and faith in God. This pattern, freedom, corruption, submission, suffering, repentance was repeated six times, and each time a Judge was given by God to free Israel.

The books of kings refer to a 500 years monarchical period ending with the division of Israel into two kingdoms, Judah in the south of the Promised Land and Israel in the north. The first two books of Kings or Samuel I and II include also the reign, sins and sufferings of David, a person that inspired Christian literature to a very great extent. The next two books refer to the wise Solomon, founder of the Temple and his successors in Judah and Israel and the spiritual fall of Israel. The books of kings narrate also the suffering of the prophets that tried to keep Israel and Judea to the true faith. The whole concept is that faith in God creates a powerful nation while sin brings its destruction.

The book features a relatively large typeface, making its reading a pleasure. You may like to check this edition even if you already have the Septuagint in some other form.


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