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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

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Η ίδια σελίδα στα Ελληνικά

Aggelos Ioannou
His other side

Poems From The Female Side Of Man

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— The text is in Greek —

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm.), 222 pages
ISBN: 978-1508604556 / 150860455X
Language: Greek

Images from His Other Side

    56 Texts — 85 Images
: :   The unknown shadow  /  So close to me  /  Long before I met you  /  Let's not look back  /  Even if it did not exist  /  Be always with me  /  An underground tunnel  /  You came to me  /  Peace  /  The evening  /  There would not exist any fear  /  Pass  /  Secret  /  Her doors creaked sweet  /  In the first day  /  A move  /  When sleep stops  /  Death a hoarse!  /  You always brought light!  /  No one was refusing them  /  My heart keeps the sound  /  Leaning gracefully  /  Image  /  She wanted to speak, but it was late  /  Like eternal  /  Preferring  /  Only the touch  /  Puzzle of the Virgin  /  When she entered the heavens  /  Purpose  /  Only one  /  Whichever road you take  /  What if the sky sparkles!  /  A difference  /  Like a baby  /  Only one woman  /  Proof  /  New, newborn  /  Because there is a need  /  They live on your light!  /  In the form of a most holy gift  /  Endless  /  Eternity  /  Nights in deep colors  /  Cult of the heart  /  Harmony  /  Show them again your heart  /  Exemplar  /  Bend, archangels!  /  Nature  /  For you our exercise  /  Tired  /  Her happiness  /  Girls that were not used  /  Dangerously...  /  In the threshold of heavens

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