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Η ίδια σελίδα στα Ελληνικά

George Valsamis
The Ancient Greeks

A fascinating journey to Greek thinking

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— The text is in Greek —

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm.), 346 pages
ISBN: 1475010052 / 978-1475010053
Language: Greek

    Some questions that inspire this book:

    What is the reason that Greeks abandoned their ancestral religion? What is the nature of the ancient Greek spirituality? Is it related with Christianity? Is it true that the ancient Greeks developed and propagated Christianity?

    What is the use of classical studies today?

    How can we possibly know, even by common sense, that Christ existed and is not just a myth?

    What can we learn about God from Homer? What are the main characteristics of Greeks according to Homer? How is the theological view of Greeks related with their scientific and technological endeavour?

    Why Plato calls philosophy a studying of death? How is ancient religion and philosophy related with the formation of the Polis? What is the reason of the development of democracy? What is the meaning of the distinction between Greeks and barbarians? What is the importance of heroes for the Polis? How did the ideal of Polis decline?

    What was the vision of Alexander the Great? What is the meaning of Platonic Ideas? How are they related with Homer and Christianity? What is the ground of the birth of Tragedy? What is the relationship between Tragedy and the whole spirituality of the Athenian Polis?

    How God intervenes to educate men? What is the meaning of education?

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